Thai Lotto Tips and Thailand Lottery Paper

Thai Lotto Tips

Thai Lotto Tips tickets were first issued in the supremacy (1868–1910) of King Rama V. At that time the king decided the Royal Bodyguard permission to function a Thai Lotto Tips on the occasion of his birthday in 1874.

Lotteries were then held sporadically until 1933 when they became a normal government income source. Over the years the price of Thai Lotto Tips ticket has climbed from one baht to it’s their official price of 80 baht, though that price has been seldom experiential, a surcharge invariably being added.

Thai Lotto Tips

Thai Lotto Tips

The armed government that took power in May 2014 has complete lottery improvement one of its priorities. Starting 16 June 2015, the armed government has mandated that the price of a lottery ticket will not go beyond 80 baht. Starting 1 August 2015, what is usually called the “jackpot” or bonus first prize of 22 or 30 million baht resolve is eliminated.


In Thai Lotto Tips, women play the lottery more than men by a little margin (53.6 against 48.4%).Thai Lotto Tips gamblers tended to be drawn from operational age brackets: 22–30 years (30.2%), 31–40 years (31.2%), and 42–50 years (22.8%). Approximately two-thirds of lottery gamblers in Thailand (62.3%) were in low profits bracket, earning roughly a quarter less than the standard monthly salary.

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